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Found in the jungle and raised by natives in Papua,Sonny left his adopted tribe in 1990. Infected with a horrible gold fever,

he travelled the world, seeking the metal of the gods at

the end of the rainbow. In 1994, the famous pirate captain Sohne picked him up off the Australian Devil’s Coast, where Sonny had spent months searching for opals. For ten years they sailed the Polynesian sea, terrorizing the trading companies. Meanwhile, Sohne taught him
secret tattooing techniques. Sonny met Hubi, another soul lost in the wind, who owned a tattoo shop on Easter Island.
Sonny decided to stay and earn good,clean money with his tattoo skills, but he became restless. And so, in 2005 he sat sail for
Port Royal on Coconut Island. Soon after his arrival, Sonny bumped into Christoph, a former banana farmer who in recent years had become a tattoo artist himself.
After fleeing from Port Royal for obscure reasons, the two new friends finally ended up on Traitors’ Island. In this place, inhabited by cannibals, mosquitos, hula girls, and black souls from the seven seas, they opened a tattoo shop. A new legend was born!
To this day, these two brave men welcome everybody from all over the globe to stay a while and get a nice tattoo.

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