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Nobody knows where Michi came from. 

The story goes that he was born in the cold and filthy streets of London.

 He earned his first pennies as an errand boy and street musician. 

Since his financial situation didn’t improve, Michi left the country in search of a better future. He ended up in war-torn France, where one fateful, foggy night,

 he had too many mugs of an evil brew offered by some back-stabbing guy. 

The sinister fellow offered him a job with an incredibly great salary, 

working only 2 hours a day. What a great opportunity! 

The next day Michi woke up not only with an apocalyptic headache but also a freshly signed contract in his pocket, bound for life to the foreign legion. 

By chance, he managed to escape his five-year nightmare of heat, dust, 

and cruelty after hiding in a camel hump. 

Having regained his freedom, Michi traveled the seven seas, meeting many 

people who had both a good and bad influence on him.

One day he met the infamous Mike Davis, an immortal pirate captain! 

Mike encouraged him to become a lost soul of the sea as well, a pirate. 

From that day on, Michi searched for his own hidden treasure. 

One lucky day, he joined a magical native Samoan tribe, which helped him improve his skills and become a better, stronger corsair.

Now he was finally ready to begin his forays. A few months later, 

he met the two notorious old buccaneers Sonny and Christoph. 

Michi was able to satisfy them, so they took him on as their new ship’s cook aboard the Rosinante, and set sail for an incredible mysterious place called Traitors’ Island. 

Perhaps the treasure is there…. 

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