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    After growing up as a street musician in the slums

    of Bangladesh, Christoph fled his poor life as a stowaway
    on an East India Trading Company ship. 10 years later, in 1990,

    he was seen on a buccaneer ship, where he got his first tattoo

    from the famous pirate captain Sohne. At that moment Christoph

    had no idea that it would change his whole life, nor that one
    day this would be his profession.

    It was to take 9 more years until Christoph got fed up with working as a landscape gardener in Panama and sick of planting all those damn banana trees. He hired a boat and set sail for the new world. Inspired by a friend of many years, who had already settled down in Hamburg, Christoph decided to start his new career.
    He had to go through the classic learning method at Black Bite Tattoo. Hard but fair, he was led across the stormy seas of the tattoo business. Christoph never gave up, so success was guaranteed.
    During the Hamburg civil war, he learned how to do Polynesian style piercings from the great chief of endless pain. Serendipitously, he met Sonny, a young and very talented corsair, at a buccaneer bar in Port Royal on Coconut Island. After many tattoo sessions and full moon barbecues together there was no doubt: “It’s a match!”
    Respectfully, Christoph said farewell to Black Bite and goodbye to the weeping Hawaiian beauties. Under full sail, he was bound for Traitors’ Island, their self-named Caribbean isle.

    May the four winds be with them! 

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